Our mission
Our mission

Our mission is to comprehensively develop scientific, technical and human resources in space law, improve national laws, corporate strategies and practices in outer space activities in the interests of ensuring international security and global stability, strengthening the rule of law and the legal regime for space exploration and utilization of space resources, promoting the development and expansion of international cooperation and the use of outer space for peaceful purposes, for the benefit of all and on a non-discriminatory basis, creating conditions for achieving the UN goals in the field of sustainable development through collegiality and mutual respect by all bona fide space actors around the world.

Our vision
Our vision
IASL is called upon to become an independent, internationally recognized, authoritative scientific and educational center of a world level through the integration of potentials in the field of science and higher education and cooperation with organizations operating in the real sector of the economy and new space industry, acting as an international center of competence and excellence in development, scientific and technical rationale and independent examination of draft international treaties, guidelines, standards and regulations, other documents of international political-legal and normative-technical regulation, as well as strategic planning documents and national legislation, local regulations and corporate strategies in the field of space activities, along with the preparation of highly qualified personnel for a new global space industry.
Who we are and what we do

IASL is a unique international platform responsible for promoting international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space. IASL conducts international workshops, training courses and pilot projects on topics that include remote sensing, satellite navigation, satellite meteorology, tele-education and basic space sciences for the benefit of developing nations. It also prepares and distributes reports, studies and publications on various fields of space science and technology applications and international space law. It is intended to provide documents and reports available in all official languages of the United Nations through this website.

In order to reach these goals, IASL collects donations, raises funds and uses other forms of support from states, corporations and private companies, individual entrepreneurs and philanthropists, and directs them to finance R&D and independent expertise, as well as training qualified personnel in magistracy, postgraduate and doctoral programs, advanced training in space policy and law, public diplomacy, promotion of international development and cooperation in a wide scope of outer space activities.

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Dr. Artem V. Bondarenko, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors
Dr. Artem V. Bondarenko
Dr. Artem V. Bondarenko
News and events
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15 Мая 2020
Dr. G.V. Ashok (India), member of the IASL International Advisory Council, represents an article on regulating privacy concerns around remote sensing activities
07 Мая 2020
Happy birthday to Dr. Chiaki Mukai! The first Japanese woman in space
06 Мая 2020

IASL President Dr. Artem V. Bondarenko took part in online communication session with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine to discuss aerospace security issues

04 Мая 2020

The International Academy of Space Law in collaboration with UNOOSA Space4Women and Valles Marineris holds a three-day online seminar on space law and policy "Introduction to Space Law and Policy"

11 Апреля 2020

IASL co-launches International Online Certificate Program "Introduction to Rocket and Satellite Engineering", Dr. Jayakumar Venkatesan, IASL Deputy Chairman, delivers lecture on International Space Law

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