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International Academy of Space Law

Secure Space Foundation

The International Academy of Space Law is a nonprofit multinational organization that galvanizes the supremacy of law, order, and justice to shape solutions to global challenges in outer space.

Advocacy and Leadership

The International Academy of Space Law is devoted to advocacy and leadership while building capacity in space law around the world.

Space Law University

Our university is just second to none. We are elite, meritocratic, and welcoming to talented people regardless of where they come from. Join the best to inspire the rest!

Global Center of Excellence

The International Academy of Space Law is a team of renowned experts who promote and propagate the best theories and practices, cutting-edge research and development, comprehensive support and training.

Global Compact for Space

IASL supports the United Nations in its strategic initiative of corporate responsibility. The Global Compact for Space is the main mechanism for collaboration between the Office for Outer Space Affairs and industry and private sector entities.

CASE Court Of Arbitration

The Court of Arbitration for Space Enterprise (CASE) is designed to ensure application of the Rules provided for by the Chamber of Space Commerce and assist parties in fulfilling their duties.

Led By The Power Of Elon’s Example, We Gonna Make It ‘Against All Odds’

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