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Dr. Artem V. Bondarenko (Russia)

Dr. Artem V. Bondarenko is a war veteran who has become an integral part of indispensable formation protecting human rights and democracy, rule of law, and the sustainable development of humankind.

The author of the 2E paradigm, he truly believes the Existential Entanglement of peoples and nations around the world is a must-think-about prerequisite of any act of diplomacy.

Throughout his life, he has continually set the standards of excellence, especially in federal service and promotion of science and technology.

A graduate of the Military University, Dr. Bondarenko followed in his grandfather and grandmother’s footsteps, heroes of WWII, into the world of honor and dignity of the Armed Forces. He also took part in the UN-led peacekeeping operation in Kosovo (KFOR) working together, in a multinational contingent, with US soldiers as one cohesive and coherent force with a spirit of camaraderie.

Dr. Artem V. Bondarenko, a decorated colonel of the Armed Forces and Homeland Security Service, transitioned from active duty to the academia and private sector and moved on to tackling homeland security issues, international space policy and law, management and business administration, R&D and technologies via his commitment to delivering prosperity through an improved regulatory environment, and better deals between Russia and the rest of the world.

His intellectual interests center on sustainable economic and human development and based on the 2E paradigm he once authored when postulating the interdependability and common fate of humankind.

Dr. Artem V. Bondarenko actively participates in UN COPUOS, IADC, ISO, and other international space fora. He co-moderated the First United Nations International Conference on Space Policy and Law in Moscow, September 2018.

Dr. Jayakumar Venkatesan (India)
Deputy Chairman

Dr. Jayakumar Venkatesan is the Chief Technology Officer for Synergy Moon (One of the finalists in $30M Google Lunar XPRIZE ), He is an Astropreneur & Chief Executive Officer for Valles Marineris International Private Limited, India, and his special interest in Human Space Flight Programs and Orbital Research Stations. He is also the technology head for space exploration missions like Lunar Exploration Rover, expandable space station modules for Moon and Mars Mission Architect modules. He is the Chief of Jayvish Tech for $10M ANA Avatar XPRIZE. Ana Avatar Xprize is a four-year global competition focused on the development of an Avatar System that will transport a human's sense, actions, and presence to a remote location in real-time, leading to a more connected world.
Dr. Jayakumar Venkatesan is also expertise in the Spacecraft Engineering and Additive Manufacturing Technologies suitable on the Moon and Mars, Nano-Satellite Researcher & Chief Technology Officer for KSF Space Foundation, United Kingdom. He is the National Point of Contact (India) of The Space Generation Advisory Council in support of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications, Austria. He is also CEO of Jayvish Technologies Private Limited, The Technology Company who is working on AI and the Internet of things. He is also working as External Aerospace Education Consultant for Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) and other Universities, He is one among the Visionaries to the Technology Contests Up Great organized by Russian Venture Company, «Skolkovo» Foundation And Agency of Strategic Initiatives, Russia and Expert Council Member for International Committee Digital Economy Brics (ICDE BRICS), Moscow. He is the Advisor to Global Centre for Compliance, Hazards and Disaster Management, Cameroon, and Moriba Space Club, Sierra Leone.

Taras V. Bondarenko (Russia)
Deputy Chairman

Taras  V. Bondarenko, IASL Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, a graduate of Moscow Suvorov Military School, Military Engineering and Space Academy named after A.F. Mozhaysky, State educational institution of continuing professional education "Institute for Advanced Training of Civil Service" (Public and Municipal Administration), Russian State University of Trade and Economics, Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Strategic Management.

Alexander V. Golubkin (Russia)
Deputy Chairman

Alexander V. Golubkin, a graduate of the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, has profound managerial expertise in International Relations, Financial and Business Development Management, a professional orientalist focusing on the Middle East.

Irina I. Romanova (Russia)
Deputy Chairman

Ms. Irina I. Romanova, IASL Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, is a professional lawyer with a comprehensive knowledge of and all-around expertise in running businesses in compliance with federal and international regulatory frameworks.

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