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Doctor Anna Caterino
Personal Assistant to the President / Senior Researcher

Dr. Anna Caterino is a young professional with expertise in international relations, international and space law, a culture lover, and always thrilled to learn new things. She is a member of the Center for Near Space (Italian Institute for the Future) for which she makes research about space law. She got a BSc degree in Political Sciences with 1 class honors and an MSc degree in International Relations and Scenario Analysis also with 1 class honors, both degrees obtained from one of the most ancient universities of Italy, the University of Naples Federico II. After graduation, she has been chosen among the best Italian new graduates in 2017. During a ceremony at the Italian Parliament in Rome, she’s been awarded a prize (a parchment of merit) which entitled her as an accredited Professional from the ITALY - USA Foundation. Given her big interest in space, she was admitted to attend a post-graduate training course at the most important school of diplomacy in Rome, Italy, named SIOI (Italian Society for the International Organizations) about Space Institutions and Policies and she passed the final exam with 1st class honors. As a student of the course in Space Institutions and Policies, she also had the privilege to attend the 62nd session of COPUOS at the UN headquarters in Vienna in June 2019. Her post-graduate training course’s final dissertation was about the return to the Moon by 2024 from a space law perspective. Later she has been chosen to do an internship at the Italian delegation to the OSCE in Vienna which was very challenging and interesting. Thanks to this internship she had the opportunity to attend international conferences with ambassadors from all over the world, to meet people from many countries, and to work for the largest regional security organization in the world. During university, she was a core member of the MSOI, the young section of the SIOI school of diplomacy, and thanks to her role she was able to prepare conferences on international topics at her faculty of Political Sciences. She talks Italian, English, and Spanish.





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