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Dr. Vidyottma Jha
Senior Researcher / IASL Ambassador and NPoC in New Delhi, India

Dr. Vidyottma Jha is an Attorney in the Supreme Court of India. She is enrolled with Bar Council of Delhi vide Enrolment No: D/2599/2009 dated 5.09.2009 and am a member of the Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court, and Delhi Bar Association as well. She did her LL.B from Campus Law Center, Faculty of Law, Delhi University, and her Ph.D. in International Relations from Patna University, Bihar. My other qualifications are M.A. in Political Science from Patna University; P.G. Diploma in Labour Laws from Indian Law Institute; Delhi. Her normal place of work is the Supreme Court of India. She has handled various cases of Environmental law, Service matters, Family matters, and Matrimonial Disputes, Cases related to Property, Cyber laws, Intellectual Property, Cases of Arbitration and Mediation, etc. She also authored a book in International Relations ‘Recent Trends in India and EU Relationship’ published by ‘Lambert Academic Publishing’ and written Articles on various topics of legal importance like Anti-Defection Laws, Child Pornography, Domestic Violence, Corporate Social Responsibility, New International Economic Order and Corporate Jurisprudence, Custodial Violence and the Hypocritical Silence, Rape: A Social Epidemic in magazines like India Legal, Nyay Prawah, Law Article, etc. She is also a member and a State President for Delhi in Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, WEF. She has been invited as a speaker at institutions like ‘Amity University, Lucknow’ to speak on the topic ‘New International Economic Order and Corporate Jurisprudence’; by CNLU Patna to speak on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’; by ‘Zakir Husain Delhi College’, ‘University of Delhi’ for delivering a lecture to students on ‘Women Empowerment’; by Laali Project on ‘ Leadership Summit’ on ‘Period Pandemic: Politics, Pain and Conflict’. I was again invited to a ‘National Conference’ held at Delhi University to speak on ‘Climate Change and Sustainable Development’. An organization called ‘Immortal India’ invited me for a session where I addressed the issue of ‘Rape’.




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