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The IASL Global Space Enterprise Guild (Collegium) is an international cross-industrial consultative body that serves as valuable leverage for the United Corps of Space Lawyers to properly address regulatory issues related to space private sector, cutting-edge technologies, and new economic opportunities for the global commercial space industry.

G.V. Ashok (India)

Ashok G.V., is a Partner with Factum Law, Bengaluru, India. As an attorney, he specialises in Commercial disputes representing clients from aerospace, healthcare, manufacturing, remote sensing and technology industries in Intellectual Property, Taxation and Company disputes among others. Ashok advises space technology companies on remote sensing regulations, in addition to rendering his expertise for contract management, structuring investment transactions, asset management and enforcement and risk management. In addition to being an invited speaker at several domestic and international conferences on space law, he has also authored several papers and articles on the subject of regulating commercial space activities, responsible use of space and legal issues in space sustainability.

Mr. Ish Jain, Advocate
Independent Expert

Mr. Ish Jain is a Senior Partner at Regius Legal LLP, a law firm with head-office based in India. Mr. Ish Jain heads the firm’s practice area of Air & Space Law, Technology Law, International Dispute Resolution, International Project Financing, and International litigation/dispute management services in the UK, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the US.

Mr. Ish Jain’s academic pursuit has been a story-to-tell. This journey began in the year 2004 and by the age of 23, Mr. Jain had not only completed B.L.S., L.L.B. degree (5 years course) along with Masters in the field of Technology law from University of Edinburgh but also completed his Masters in field of International Arbitration Law and International Commercial Law and several diplomas in a related field like Intellectual Property Rights. This academic pursuit gave him an insight into the different perspectives of technology and the space-tech industry of several countries and also taught him to compare and comprehend the laws of various jurisdictions around the world. Subsequently, Mr. Jain also pursued a course in Astrophysics from the University of Mumbai and obtained formal education in Air and Space Law.

Meanwhile, after returning from the UK in 2010, the initial 2 years he worked with top-tier law firms and handled matters that gave him exposure to technology law. In 2012, he started his practice in this process, he developed a legal practice with special focus on Arbitration, Real-Estate, Commercial law, and Technology law and it is during this course of time where he was first introduced to Space technology practice. The peculiarities of the Space sector kindled his fire to learn more about it and after spending a considerable amount of time in research and knowledge exchange with several industry players, he realized that the companies entering the space sector are not hedged against potential risks. The plight of several companies being forced out of sector soon after they enter (or sometimes even before they make a full-fledged entry) influenced Ish Jain to contribute his legal knowledge and acumen to the Space sector and provide end-to-end Legal assistance to players in the Space sector. Mr. Ish Jain is also uniquely placed as an expert in advising these players in Air and Space sector due to his experience and knowledge in the field of Aerospace and Technology law but also due to unapparelled grasp and experience of 15 years in the documentation and negotiations in commercial transactions & project financing, Arbitration, and International litigation management services. Mr. Jain is poised with a team of lawyers capable of catering to all the requirements of the Air and Space sector.

Mr. Ish Jain is also appointed as an Arbitrator in several cases since the age of 29 and has been impaneled as an Arbitrator at the Bombay High Court at the age of 30. Mr. Ish Jain is also an Aerospace Arbitrator in India with required Technical as well as Legal knowledge in the field of Air and Space Law.

Apart from the Air and Space Law, Technology, Project Financing, and Arbitration practice of the firm, Mr. Ish Jain also handles the law firm’s practice in Litigation, Commercial and Corporate law. Mr. Ish Jain is also a member of the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC).

M.Sc. Prachi Chandravadan Kawade (India)
Independent expert
M.Sc. Prachi Chandravadan Kawade is working as Research Analyst in Space with Frost & Sullivan, where she is actively involved in tracking the current state of space markets and takes up the responsibility to support the consulting projects for leading space industry stakeholders. She has done her Master's in Space Studies (MSS17) from International Space University (ISU). She has worked on research projects with Space Ventures Investors Ltd and Physical Research Laboratory. She is interested in small satellite market and dedicated launch vehicle markets; IoT from Space and Space based resources (lunar resources & asteroid mining).
Shankar Krishnamurthy (India)
Independent expert

Shankar Krishnamurthy is a Mechanical Engineer in the beginning who did DME in 1979 and AMIE in the mid-80s and worked in industries/factories and in industrial marketing ( machine tool and metrology and testing equipment used in defense research, space, and aeronautical research, etc) for almost two decades. Then he did his MBA (with specialization in Marketing) and became a Senior Management person in companies.

He also did Lean Six Sigma (Black Belt level) and software courses too.. Later he became a lawyer by doing LLB and MBL ( Master of Business Law in the prestigious National Law School of India where he got the highest GPA ).

He worked as a consultant in safety, business process excellence, Lean six Sigma areas and became a legal expert in Intellectual Property Rights law and many other laws.

He is an advisor /expert into any future project planning and as a policy and guidelines expert and strategic documents designer.

He also worked as a trainer to National Productivity Council for several central govt departments and public sectors and also a trainer to IAS and IPS officers in many areas. 

Francis Kudjoe (Ghana)
Independent expert

Francis Kudjoe is a postgraduate at the University of Bremen. He was the first Ghanaian to complete the professional Space Studies Program of 2016 (SSP16) of the International Space University (ISU). He finished his Masters by research in Environmental Physics with a major in Satellite Remote Sensing. At ISU his specialty was Space Applications. He holds MPhil in Physics with a major in Radiation Physics from the University of Cape Coast. He is often fascinated by events in the galaxies and space, and curious to know the reasons behind major space events and their impact on Earth. This passion drove him to a recently complete basic course in Radio Astronomy under the auspices of Development in Africa with Radio Astronomy, (DARA) program. He is deeply involved in space science and radio astronomy outreach in schools, on radio, and on television. His participation in DARA is inspired by the fact that Astronomy research requires cutting-edge technology and methods and comes with skills that are transferable to other areas. He has acquired advanced skills in python programming, which has superior computational capabilities for big data analysis to enhance his computational and analytical skills in his research career in Earth, Atmospheric and Space Sciences. A national Daily Graphic publication about an interview with him earned a national award-winning story on small scale mining in 2018.

Mbonteh Roland Ndunge (Cameroon)
Mbonteh Roland Ndunge Is a science tutor and a motivational speaker. The 23 years old who had BSc(Hons) in physics and renewable energy in 2018 doubles as the Senior Advisor Cameroon, for Swiss Space Tourism and he also holds many international positions like the International Space Station Ambassador for Cameroon, the president of TAFFD'S Transdisciplinary Agora For Future Discussions for Cameroon, the IAU OAE National Astronomy Education Coordinator for Cameroon, the IAU OAO National Outreach Coordinator for Cameroon, the West Africa Regional Office of Astronomy for Development (WAROAD) Coordinator for Cameroon, a member of AWB, the Explore Alliance Ambassador for Cameroon, etc. He also works with Art for Space Foundation where he sends the artwork of Cameroon citizens to space. He is a young philanthropist, mentor, and space enthusiast who sensitizes youths from universities and schools around the world on space issues and its uses. He approaches NGOs and government organisms concerned with technology to work on projects related to space. He organizes programs like World Space Week where Students, parents, teachers, and the public usually celebrate across the country. Being the founder of the only Astronomy Club in Cameroon and organizing Astronomy Outreaches and space programs in the country, he brings innovation in these fields. He currently got the chance to fly to outer space as one of the few Africans and the first Cameroonian, he believes the youths of Cameroon have a strong potential which has not yet been explored and this can initiate the creation of the space industry in Cameroon. His work is to work in collaboration with the government, interested parties, other African Nations to bring a rocket center in Africa and schools to train African youths in this domain. Most of it all, he is an aspiring astronaut.



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