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International Academy of Space Law

Secure Space Foundation

Driven by our mission of “shaping our future in space together,” the International Academy of Space Law is a nonpartisan nonprofit, multinational, and multi-actor organization that galvanizes the supremacy of law, order, and justice and engagement in the world, in partnership with allies and partners, to shape solutions to global challenges in outer space.

Advocacy And Leadership

Among the greatest achievements of the United Nations is the development of a body of international law, which is central to promoting economic and social development, as well as to advancing international peace and security. Space law is enshrined in conventions, treaties, guidelines, and standards. IASL is devoted to advocacy and leadership when building capacity in space law.

Space Law University

The IASL community is driven by a shared purpose: to ensure the security, safety, and long-term sustainability of outer space through education, research, and innovation. We are elite but not elitist, meritocratic, and welcoming to talented people regardless of where they come from.

Space Law Center Of Excellence

Our vision is to become a globally recognized center of excellence in space law. The IASL Court of Arbitration for Space Enterprise (CASE) is a planetary-scale initiative intended to cover every contractual issue that may arise across global space enterprise. CASE is devoted to ensure the best quality of service and become the benchmark for international dispute resolution for space. From sales contracts to intellectual property matters – whatever the case – CASE will be able to assist in resolving disputes of all sizes.

Global Coalition Of Like-Minded

We build a global coalition of like-minded partners and allies, a planetary community of bona fide space actors, that make common cause with us in our globally shared norms and values to save our home planet Earth and ensure security, safety, and long-term sustainability of outer space activities.

Featured Events

IASL hosts both virtual and in-person events across many topics and locations. Stay in touch to explore our universe.

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To Infinity And Beyond: Space Law 101

Here is the announcement from Lawrina - a legal portal aimed to improve free access to U.S. law and build a community around lawyers. Lawrina's team, together with Mark J. Sundahl — Professor of Law and the Director of the Global Space Law Center at Cleveland State...

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