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Dr. Prof. Natalya Eremina
Independent expert
Natalya Eremina is a Doctor of Political Science and Professor at the Department of European Studies of the Faculty of International Relations, St. Petersburg State University.
Prof. Steven Freeland 
Independent expert

Prof. Steven Freeland is Professor of International Law at Western Sydney University, Australia where he specializes in International Criminal Law, Commercial Aspects of Space Law, Public International Law and Human Rights Law. He was Dean of the School of Law at Western Sydney University from 2017-2019. He is also Visiting Professor at the University of Vienna; Permanent Visiting Professor at the iCourts Centre of Excellence for International Courts, University of Copenhagen; Adunct Professor at the University of Hong Kong; Member of Faculty at the London Institute of Space Policy and Law; Visiting Professor at Université Toulouse1 Capitole; Adjunct Professor at University of Adelaide; Associate Member at the Centre for Research in Air and Space Law, McGill University; and a former Marie Curie Fellow (2013-2014). He has been an expert assessor for Government Research Councils in Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, South Africa, Hong Kong, and has taught at Universities in over 20 countries.

He has also been a Visiting Professional within the Appeals Chamber at the International Criminal Court (ICC), and a Special Advisor to the Danish Foreign Ministry in matters related to the ICC. He represents the Australian Government at various United Nations Conferences and Committee Meetings, and has advised the Australian Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, and the New Zealand and Norwegian Governments, on issues related to the regulation of space activities. Among other appointments, he is a Director and foundational member of the Directorate of Studies of the Paris-based International Institute of Space Law, a member of the Space Law Committee of the London-based International Law Association and a member of the Space Law Committee and the War Crimes Committee of the London-based Intrnational Bar Association.


He sits on the Editorial Board of the Australian International Law Journal, the Canada-based Annals of Air and Space Law, the German-based German Journal of Air and Space Law, the China-based Space Law Review, the London-based ROOM Space Journal, the Oxford Research Encyclopaedia, Planetary Science, and on the Advisory Board of the India-based Asian Journal of Air and Space Law, the Belarusian Yearbook of International Law and the UK-based Journal of Philosophy of International Law, as well as a series of books entitled Studies in Space Law. He is also Co-Editor of Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals, a long-established series of casebooks annotating the jurisprudence of the International Criminal Court, the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and for Rwanda, the Special Court for Sierra Leone, the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and the Special Panels for Serious Crimes in East Timor.

He has authored approximately 300 publications on various aspects of International Law and has been invited to present over 1100 expert commentaries by national and international media outlets worldwide on a wide range of legal and geopolitical issues. He has been invited to present conference papers and keynote speeches in Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam.

M.Sc. Prachi Chandravadan Kawade
Independent expert
M.Sc. Prachi Chandravadan Kawade is working as Research Analyst in Space with Frost & Sullivan, where she is actively involved in tracking the current state of space markets and takes up the responsibility to support the consulting projects for leading space industry stakeholders. She has done her Master's in Space Studies (MSS17) from International Space University (ISU). She has worked on research projects with Space Ventures Investors Ltd and Physical Research Laboratory. She is interested in small satellite market and dedicated launch vehicle markets; IoT from Space and Space based resources (lunar resources & asteroid mining).
Shankar Krishnamurthy
Independent expert

Shankar Krishnamurthy is a Mechanical Engineer in the beginning who did DME in 1979 and AMIE in mid 80s and worked in industries/factories and in industrial marketing ( machine tool and metrology and testing equipment used in defence research , space and aeronautical research etc) for almost two decades. Then he did his MBA (with specialisation in Marketing) and became a Senior Management person in companies.

He also did Lean Six Sigma (Black Belt level) and software courses too.. Later ihe became a lawyer by doing LLB and MBL ( Master of Business Law in the prestigious National Law School of india where i got the highest GPA ).

He worked as a consultant in safety, business process excellence, Lean six Sigma areas and became a legal expert in Intellectual Property Rights law  and many other laws.

He is an advisor /expert into any future project planning and as policy and guidelines expert and strategic documents designer.

He also worked as a trainer to National Productivity Council for several central govt departments and public sectors and also a trainer to IAS and IPS officers in many areas. 

Francis Kudjoe
Independent expert (Satellite Remote Sensing, Space Studies Expert and Astronomy enthusiast with expertise in science communication)
Francis Kudjoe is a postgraduate of University of Bremen. He was the first Ghanaian to complete the professional Space Studies Program of 2016 (SSP16) of the International Space University (ISU). He finished his Masters by research in Environmental Physics with a major in Satellite Remote Sensing. At ISU his specialty was Space Applications. He holds MPhil in Physics with a major in Radiation Physics from the University of Cape Coast. He is often fascinated by events in the galaxies and space, and curious to know the reasons behind major space events and their impact on Earth. This passion drove him to recently complete basic course in Radio Astronomy under the auspices of Development in Africa with Radio Astronomy, (DARA) programme. He is deeply involved in space science and radio astronomy outreach in schools, on radio and on television. His participation in DARA is inspired by the fact that Astronomy research requires cutting-edge technology and methods and come with skills which are transferable to other areas. He has acquired advanced skills in python programming, which has superior computational capabilities for big data analysis to enhance his computational and analytical skills in his research career in Earth, Atmospheric and Space Sciences. A national Daily Graphic publication about an interview with him earned a national award winning story on small scale mining in 2018.
Dr. Elvira Prado
Independent expert

Dr. Elvira Prado is head of Space Law Studies of the Ibero-American Institute of Aeronautics and Space Law and Commercial Aviation (Advisory body of United Nations and COPUOS Observer). She holds a master in Maritime and  Air Law (Free University of Brussels, ULB) and a PhD in Public International Law from the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid. Dr. Prado is responsible for managing different research groups and has recently published the book "Major space Law challenges for the EU Member States". She collaborates with different academic organizations, she is a member of the Space Law Committee and the Cultural Heritage Law Committee of the International Law Association (ILA), as well as the International Institute for Space Law (IISL) and the Société Française de Droit Aérien et Spatial (SFDAS). She is a member of the advisory committee of the non profit organisation For All Moonkind.

Prof. Zhenjun Zhang
Independent expert
Prof. Zhenjun Zhang is Secretary General & Research Fellow at the China Institute of Space Law. His major achievements and responsibilities are:

Prof. Zhang has served as Expert Group D member of UNCOPUOS Working Group on Long Term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities since 2011. He authored China’s Position Paper on the Issues of Long-term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities, which was published in UNCOPUOS in 2016. He participated as Chinese Delegation member in UNCOPUOS sessions since 2011, focusing on the draft guideline consultations for the Long Term Sustainability(LTS)initiative.

Prof. Zhang advises widely on space diplomacy for various space agencies/organisations including China National Space Administration(CNSA)and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation(CASC). He has served as Vice President of China Center for Aerospace Science and Technology  Communications since 2016.

Prof. Zhang has been fostering China’s space law capacity building by organising and sponsoring up to 70 research projects on space law and policy since 2011 across China’s space law and policy community. He has served as organizer and/or keynote speaker for a great number of national and international events on space law and policy in China and beyond.

Prof. Zhang has been enthusiastically promoting China’s national space legislation process, which in 2013 led to a national legislation plan with space law included, as approved by China’s top legislature. Since 2014, he has served as one of the major contributors for the first draft National Space Law of China and related supportive documents. He proactively participated in the drafting process of China’s two most recent White Papers on space activities, i.e. “China’s Space Activities in 2011” and “China’s Space Activities in 2016”.

Prof. Zhang has served as founding Editor-in-Chief of China’s national Yearbook of Space Law Studies since 2012. As author for dozens of papers on space law and policy, he published in 2012 a monograph titled Study on the International Legal Regime Governing Lunar Resource Exploitation Activities. He serves as co-translator of CoLogne Commentary on Space Law(CoCoSL)Volume I, whose first ever Chinese version made its debut in 2017.

Prof. Zhang initiated in 2012 the joint Annual Colloquium of Chinese Society of Astronautics and China Institute of Space Law as China’s signature national event to bring together space scientists and
space social scientists for academic exchanges. This event has developed into China Space Conference since 2018 in celebration of China’s National Day for Space Flight. He also serves as founding Editor for the Annual Colloquium Proceedings of China Institute of Space Law since 2012.

Prof. Zhang was elected as IISL Board director in 2015. He has also served as member of the IISL Moot Court Committee since 2013. He played a significant role for China to host and fund IISL events during the 64 th IAC in 2013 as well as the Asia Pacific Regional Round of Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition in 2014, the first time to bring the Regional Round to China. He has served as organiser for China’s National Funding Round of the IISL Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition since 2011.

Prof. Zhang was elected as Corresponding Member for Section 4 – Social Sciences of the International Academy of Astronautics(IAA)in 2017. He served as co-chair and co-editor of IAA Study(SG3.17)on Space Mineral Resources – A Global Assessment on the Challenges and Opportunities, which was published in the USA in 2015, with its Chinese version published in China in 2017.


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