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The Outer Space Treaties Legal Task Force (OSTLTF) is an IASL Department for research and development of the five international treaties and five sets of principles on space-related activities. These five treaties deal with issues such as the non-appropriation of outer space by any one country, arms control, the freedom of exploration, liability for damage caused by space objects, the safety, and rescue of spacecraft and astronauts, the prevention of harmful interference with space activities and the environment, the notification and registration of space activities, scientific investigation and the exploitation of natural resources in outer space and the settlement of disputes.

Each of the treaties stresses the notion that outer space, the activities carried out in outer space and whatever benefits might be accrued from outer space should be devoted to enhancing the well-being of all countries and humankind, with an emphasis on promoting international cooperation. OSTLTF is responsible for monitoring the status and proper application of the outer pace treaties by all space actors and providing ad hoc proposals for the progressive development of international space law basics.




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