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The IASL STM CoE tackles space traffic management (STM) regulatory issues.

STM is defined by the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) as "the set of technical and regulatory provisions for promoting safe access into outer space, operations in outer space and return from outer space to Earth free from physical or radio-frequency interference."

Space traffic includes launch vehicles, as well as orbiting objects such as satellites of all sizes and the International Space Station. Space debris risk mitigation is a major concern, due to the fact that collision with space debris can destroy vehicles and other space assets.

Policymaking can be performed on a different scale on a national level and on an international level, to establish international cooperation that will coordinate the activities of all nations to avoid collisions, space debris, and the loss of space assets and services. The United Nations bureau most concerned with space traffic management is the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA). In 2007 the resolution A/RES/62/101 about the Recommendations on enhancing the practice of States and international intergovernmental organizations in registering space objects was released by United Nations. Furthermore, resources and reference material were released for States & Organizations to register space objects provided the initial results of discussions, and raise international awareness about international cooperation for space traffic management. Space traffic management can be regarded as part of international space law.




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