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By accepting the Data Processing and Security Terms, I give my consent to the processing of my personal data by the Internatinal Academy of Space Law (IASL) located at 18 Kuhmisterova street 133 Moscow 109388.

My consent is applicable to the following information: my surname, name, patronymic, telephone, email, any other information relating to my personality.

I am giving my consent to the processing of personal data to:

provide me with information about services that IASL believes to be of potential interest to me;
have surveys and marketing, statistical and other research carried out;
inform me of new services of IASL.
My consent is given for taking any action in respect of personal data which may be necessary to achieve the above objectives, including, without limitation: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updates, changes), use, distribution (including disclosure), depersonalization, blocking, destruction as well as any other action with personal data in accordance with the effective laws of the Russian Federation.

IASL processes personal data in the following ways:

processing of personal data with automatic equipment;
processing of personal data without using automatic equipment (non-automated processing).
When processing personal data, the Organization is not limited in ways of their processing.

I hereby acknowledge that IASL has the right to provide third parties with my personal information if:

I give my express consent to the disclosure of my personal data to third parties;
my personal data need to be disclosed in order to provide any services to me and/or for the processing of my personal data. Whenever IASL discloses my personal data to third parties, IASL demands that such third parties keep my personal data secret.
This consent is given prior to the expiry dates set by the current laws of the Russian Federation for storing relevant information or documents containing the information described above, after which it can be recalled by me by giving IASL at least one-month written notice.

With the exception of cases stipulated by the effective laws of the Russian Federation and this Agreement, IASL undertakes not to disclose any personal data of the User to third parties without the User's express consent, and not to exchange any personal information of the User with third parties.

By clicking the button you confirm your legal age, legal capacity, and consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the Terms and the privacy Policy of the Website.




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