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International Academy of Space Law

Welcome To Our Academy’s Charter


The Supreme Academic Council (Areopagus) is the highest representative body of academia at the IASL Academy.

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The United Corps of Space Lawyers (Congress) is a planetary union for all professionals engaged in space law issues.
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The International Board of Trustees (Pantheon) is a governing body comprised of distinguished members, honorable trustees.
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The International Advisory Council (Senate) is a group of distinguished individuals that guide the Academy toward its mission.
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The main function of the Board of Directors is to ensure that the Academy observes the goals for which it was created.

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Individuals and legal entities distinguished by their contributions to space law may apply for an IASL membership.

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Our mission is to promote peaceful uses of outer space based on international law, inclusiveness, accessibility, collegiality, and justice and driven by a universal understanding of the Existential Entanglement of Humankind, a moral imperative to be guided by before any fateful decision-making on planet Earth and Beyond.
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The International Academy of Space Law is destined to become an industry classic, a competence fulcrum of responsible decision-making, an impartial and unbiased center of excellence in space vision, strategy, policy, and law leveraging scientific, technological, financial, and human resources to enable progressive development of global space governance.

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