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Prof. Luciano Vaz Ferreira (Brazil)
Advisor / Lead Researcher

Professor Ferreira holds a Ph.D. in International Strategic Studies (UFRGS). He is also a Ph.D. researcher in Law at the University of Reading (U.K.), Mphil, LL.B. in Law, Professor (tenure) at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (FURG), a Public Federal University in Brazil, Visiting Researcher at Brazilian Air Force University (UNIFA), former Research Fellow at American University, Washington, D.C., USA (Center for Latin America and Latino Studies), former Legal Officer at State Government of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (Secretary of Justice and Human Rights and Secretary of Public Security). His current research interests focus on International Law, International Relations, Strategic and Security Studies, Science and Technology, Law of the Sea, Space Law and Policy.

Dr. Prof. María Del Ángel Iglesias (Spain)
Supreme Academic Council / Space Law Steering Committee

María Del Ángel Iglesias is Professor Doctor since 1999, currently she is teaching Public International Law and Human Rights at UNIR, Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (Spain). From 2006 until 2011 she was Vice President of the Instituto Iberoamericano de Derecho Aeronáutico, del Espacio y de la Aviación Comercial (Consultant Organ, United Nations). Currently she is director of its Studies Centre. Prof. Dr. Iglesias is a member of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Law (Real Academia de Jurisprudencia y Legislación de Madrid), Bar Association of Valencia-Spain (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Valencia) and the Spanish Association of Professors of International Law and International Relations.

Dr. Poorvi Kantroo (India)
Lead Researcher / TF Chairperson

Head, Space Law & Policy, Aerospace, and Aviation Lawyers Association of India (AALAI).

Poorvi heads the space division at the Aerospace and Aviation Lawyers Association of India (AALAI). Before this, she directed the Space policy division at erstwhile Aryavarta Space Organization. She holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace and Defense Laws from the Centre for Aerospace & Defense Laws (CADL), NALSAR University, India. She also earned her LLM degree in Corporate Laws and Governance from NALSAR. She has a decade long relationship with CADL and served the center in various capacities such as Researcher, Module Instructor, Organizing Committee Manfred Lachs Moot Court, International Manfred Lachs Conferences. She was a Key Judge for recently conducted 1st APJ. Kalam Essay Competition. She was also selected by The International Institute of Space Law (IISL), Leiden, to judge at the prestigious Manfred Lachs Moot Courts Memorials 2016. She is an associate editor for the Indian Journal for Air and Space Law (IJASL), published by CADL, NALSAR.

Her endeavor as an academician and space lawyer is to be the fulcrum between the public and private sectors, enabling both sectors to flourish within the domain of Space law. She also advocates for binding agreements for space debris at an international level as space sustainability is at stake. Her areas of interest include space sustainability, Common but differentiated responsibility in Space, Legal aspects of space commercialization, and Corporate social responsibility in Space.

She firmly believes that cooperation, trust, and respect for everyone’s rights is the key to all diplomatic talks around outer Space.

Dr. Andreas Mateou (Cyprus)
President at Aviation Legal Safety Consultancy Ltd

Chief Pilot of Flynas, Flight Operations / Training Inspector UAE GCAA - Principle Inspector for major UAE carriers. Cyprus Airways A320 Training Captain - Head of Flight Safety -FDM – ERM -Accident Investigator. Current A320 UK EASA TRI/TRE and IOSA auditor with WAKE QA. President of ALS Aviation Consultants Ltd. Adjunct Professor at Emirates Aviation University, Aviation legal consultant and Expert Witness. Member of ISASI, FSF, Eurocontrol Just Culture Task Force, Royal Aeronautical Society, and founding member of FSF South-Eastern Europe. Speaker at International Aviation Safety Conferences. Author of aviation books and publications.

Dr. Sofia Michaelides - Mateou (Cyprus)
Senior Researcher

Adjunct Professor of Law and Aviation with many years of experience in teaching(Emirates Aviation University, Abu Dhabi University, UCLan, and the University of Nicosia), and training aviation professionals both locally and abroad. Aviation-Legal Consultant, CEO, and President of ALS Aviation Legal Safety Consultants Ltd, author of aviation books and aviation-legal publications, speaker at international conferences, member of Eurocontrol Just Culture task force, and ISASI, and founding member of FSF South-Eastern Europe.

Dr. Veronica Moronese (Italy)
Lead Researcher / TF Chairperson

Dr. Veronica Moronese is a Space law researcher and theorist.

She is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Center for Near Space of the Italian Institute for the Future. She is also a volunteer member of the Space Generation Advisory Council in which she participates in the Space Law and Policy Project Group.

Dr. Veronica Moronese focuses her research activity on the legal challenges related to the development of Space Economy, with particular attention to the sectors of Space tourism, Space mining, and in general to the problematic recognition of private property in Space, to which she has dedicated several publications.

Devoted to the anticipation of legal challenges, she also focuses her studies on the legal and political issues that could arise in the hypothesis of establishing permanent human settlements in Space.

In recognition of her effort to guarantee inclusion, equal opportunities, and the respect of human rights in Space, she has been chosen as a role model and mentors in the Space4Women project by UNOOSA.

Dr. Veronica Moronese has a Master’s degree in International Law obtained at the University of Verona, Italy. She dedicated her research thesis to the competence of the European Union in aerospace matters, a subject in which she was an absolute pioneer in said University. She promotes the knowledge of Space law to the public, aiming at bringing young people closer to Space-related professions and at disseminating the importance of Space law for the proper development of Space programs.

Dr. Elvira Prado (Spain)
Supreme Academic Council / Space Law Steering Committee

Head of Space Law Studies of the Ibero-American Institute of Aeronautics and Space Law and Commercial Aviation (Advisory body of United Nations and COPUOS Observer)

Dr. Elvira Prado is head of Space Law Studies of the Ibero-American Institute of Aeronautics and Space Law and Commercial Aviation (Advisory body of United Nations and COPUOS Observer). She holds a master in Maritime and  Air Law (Free University of Brussels, ULB) and a Ph.D. in Public International Law from the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid. Dr. Prado is responsible for managing different research groups and has recently published the book "Major space Law challenges for the EU Member States". She collaborates with different academic organizations, she is a member of the Space Law Committee and the Cultural Heritage Law Committee of the International Law Association (ILA), as well as the International Institute for Space Law (IISL) and the Société Française de Droit Aérien et Spatial (SFDAS). She is a member of the advisory committee of the non-profit organization For All Moonkind.

Dr. Fabio Tronchetti (Italy)
Supreme Academic Council / Space Law Steering Committee / Lead Researcher

Co-Director Institute of Space Law and Strategy/ Zhuoyue Program Associate Professor at Beihang University

Dr. Fabio Tronchetti works as a Co-Director of the Institute of Space Law and Strategy and as a Zhuoyue Associate Professor at Beihang University, Beijing (China). He is also an Adjunct Professor of Comparative National Space Law at the School of Law of the University of Mississippi. Previously, he worked as an Associate Professor at the School of Law of the Harbin Institute of Technology (China) and as a Lecturer at the International Institute of Air and Space Law, Leiden University (the Netherlands).

Dr. Tronchetti’s research is focused on the areas of international space law, aerospace law, international security, and commercialization of space activities in China and South-East Asia. Dr. Tronchetti is regularly invited to give lectures and seminars across the world and has participated as a speaker in several international conferences. He has also provided legal advice to governmental and non-governmental entities in various aerospace matters.

Dr. Tronchetti holds a Ph.D. in International Law (Leiden University), an Advanced LL.M in International Relations (Bologna University, Italy), and studied at the University of Cambridge, England (UK). He is the co-recipient of the 2015 International Academic of Astronautics Social Science Book Award for the best book of 2015 in the field of social science for the book “Handbook of Space Law”, co/authored with Prof. Frans von der Dunk.

Professor Tronchetti is regularly invited to give lectures at several European and Chinese Universities, including the Cologne University (Germany), the Leiden University (the Netherlands), and the Beihang University (Beijing, China) and has participated as a speaker at numerous international conferences.

Prof. Tronchetti’s scholarly is primarily in the areas of international space law and public international law. His publications include two books and more than 20 articles in internationally peer-reviewed space law and policy journals, such as Space Policy, the German Journal of Air and Space Law, the Journal of Space Law, etc.

Adjunct Professor, LL.M. Program in Air and Space Law at the University of Mississippi. He holds a Ph.D. in International Space Law (Leiden University) and an Advanced LL.M in International Relations (Bologna University, Italy). He is a Member of the International Institute of Space Law (IISL), European Centre for Space Law (ECSL), and the Asian Society of International Law (ASIL). He is the recipient of the 2007 Diederiks-Verschoor award for the best paper submitted by an author not older than 40 years to the International Institute of Space Law (IISL) during the 58th International Astronautical Congress of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF).

Dr. Guoyu Wang (China)
Supreme Academic Council / Space Law Steering Committee

Dean, Academy of Air, Space Policy and Law, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT)

Dr. Wang has been served as a Chinese delegate to the United Nations Committee of Peaceful Use of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS) since 2012, as well as assigned as a Chinese expert to the Long-term Sustainability for Outer Space Activities Working Group (LTSWG) of UNCOPUOS (2012-2018). He has been the main negotiator representing China in LTSWG negotiations to draft LTS guidelines from 2015-2018. He had been the legal adviser of the Chinese Delegation to Inter-Governmental Space Debris Coordination Committee (IADC) Meeting (2014-2015). Besides, Dr. Wang also plays an active role in some international initiatives in space law beyond the UN framework. He is an editorial member and expert of McGill Manual for the International Law Applicable for Military Use of Outer Space (MILAMOS) since 2018 and an expert of The Hague International Working Group on Space Resources Governance since 2015. Dr. Wang earned his doctorate, master's, and bachelor's degrees from Jilin University in Economics of Law, Private International Law, and International Law, respectively. He is also a member of the Advisory Committee at the Secure World Foundation.

G.V. Ashok, Attorney (India)
Independent expert

Ashok G.V. is a Partner with Factum Law, Bengaluru, India. As an attorney, he specializes in Commercial disputes representing clients from aerospace, healthcare, manufacturing, remote sensing, and technology industries in Intellectual Property, Taxation and Company disputes among others. Ashok advises space technology companies on remote sensing regulations, in addition to rendering his expertise for contract management, structuring investment transactions, asset management, and enforcement and risk management. In addition to being an invited speaker at several domestic and international conferences on space law, he has also authored several papers and articles on the subject of regulating commercial space activities, responsible use of space, and legal issues in space sustainability.

Mr. Ish Jain, Advocate (India)
Independent Expert

Mr. Ish Jain is a Senior Partner at Regius Legal LLP, a law firm with head-office based in India. Mr. Ish Jain heads the firm’s practice area of Air & Space Law, Technology Law, International Dispute Resolution, International Project Financing, and International litigation/dispute management services in the UK, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the US.

Mr. Ish Jain’s academic pursuit has been a story-to-tell. This journey began in the year 2004 and by the age of 23, Mr. Jain had not only completed B.L.S., L.L.B. degree (5 years course) along with Masters in the field of Technology law from University of Edinburgh but also completed his Masters in field of International Arbitration Law and International Commercial Law and several diplomas in a related field like Intellectual Property Rights. This academic pursuit gave him an insight into the different perspectives of technology and the space-tech industry of several countries and also taught him to compare and comprehend the laws of various jurisdictions around the world. Subsequently, Mr. Jain also pursued a course in Astrophysics from the University of Mumbai and obtained formal education in Air and Space Law.

Meanwhile, after returning from the UK in 2010, the initial 2 years he worked with top-tier law firms and handled matters that gave him exposure to technology law. In 2012, he started his practice in this process, he developed a legal practice with special focus on Arbitration, Real-Estate, Commercial law, and Technology law and it is during this course of time where he was first introduced to Space technology practice. The peculiarities of the Space sector kindled his fire to learn more about it and after spending a considerable amount of time in research and knowledge exchange with several industry players, he realized that the companies entering the space sector are not hedged against potential risks. The plight of several companies being forced out of sector soon after they enter (or sometimes even before they make a full-fledged entry) influenced Ish Jain to contribute his legal knowledge and acumen to the Space sector and provide end-to-end Legal assistance to players in the Space sector. Mr. Ish Jain is also uniquely placed as an expert in advising these players in Air and Space sector due to his experience and knowledge in the field of Aerospace and Technology law but also due to unapparelled grasp and experience of 15 years in the documentation and negotiations in commercial transactions & project financing, Arbitration, and International litigation management services. Mr. Jain is poised with a team of lawyers capable of catering to all the requirements of the Air and Space sector.

Mr. Ish Jain is also appointed as an Arbitrator in several cases since the age of 29 and has been impaneled as an Arbitrator at the Bombay High Court at the age of 30. Mr. Ish Jain is also an Aerospace Arbitrator in India with required Technical as well as Legal knowledge in the field of Air and Space Law.

Apart from the Air and Space Law, Technology, Project Financing, and Arbitration practice of the firm, Mr. Ish Jain also handles the law firm’s practice in Litigation, Commercial and Corporate law. Mr. Ish Jain is also a member of the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC).

Shankar Krishnamurthy (India)

Shankar Krishnamurthy is a Mechanical Engineer in the beginning who did DME in 1979 and AMIE in the mid-80s and worked in industries/factories and in industrial marketing (machine tool and metrology and testing equipment used in defense research, space, and aeronautical research, etc) for almost two decades. Then he did his MBA (with specialization in Marketing) and became a Senior Management person in companies. He also did Lean Six Sigma (Black Belt level) and software courses too.. Later he became a lawyer by doing LLB and MBL ( Master of Business Law in the prestigious National Law School of India where he got the highest GPA ). He worked as a consultant in safety, business process excellence, Lean six Sigma areas and became a legal expert in Intellectual Property Rights law and many other laws. He is an advisor /expert into any future project planning and as a policy and guidelines expert and strategic documents designer. He also worked as a trainer to National Productivity Council for several central govt departments and public sectors and also a trainer to IAS and IPS officers in many areas.

Julie Pradel, Ph.D. Candidate in International Law (France)
Senior Researcher / TF Chairperson

Julie Pradel holds a Master 2 degree in International Economic Law and of an LL.M in International Law from Stetson University College of Law (Florida), obtained both with honors. She opted for a Ph.D. in International Law specialized in Space Law, fascinated by this expanding field. Her aspiration is to work as an international space lawyer. As she is passionate about Space Law, Julie Pradel has a wide range of interests on the topic. Her preferences are about New Space and all of the consequences it brings. Especially with regards to recent national laws on space resources, ongoing international discussions, property, and sovereignty issues.

Malak Trabelsi Loeb (UAE)

Malak Trabelsi Loeb is an entrepreneur, a Futurist, a strategist, and a Senior Legal Consultant specialized in International Business Law and International Space Law, Adjudicator, and International Commercial Arbitrator. Mrs. Loeb is a Lecturer in International Relations and Diplomacy, a multidisciplinary academic researcher, a writer and public speaker, and a Ph.D. Candidate in International Space Law. 

Mrs. Loeb is advocating for Sustainable Space For Humanity addressing the complex Space socioeconomic and environmental interrelated dimensions. "Sustainable Space For Humanity" advocacy aims to keep the peaceful use of outer space while ensuring socioeconomic development for the present and future generations without deteriorating the outer space environment. 

In the course of her professional journey, Mrs. Loeb has been advocating for employees' rights. She is a human rights activist and strives to combat human trafficking and gender inequality. Mrs. Loeb has received the title of Champion of Tolerance from the UAE Ministry of Tolerance in 2018. She strives to empower women, avail opportunities to youth from around the world and raises awareness to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.




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