Tucker Carlson’s Exclusive Interview with President Putin

Tucker Carlson’s Exclusive Interview with President Putin

In a highly anticipated event, Tucker Carlson, the renowned journalist and host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” recently conducted an exclusive interview with President Vladimir Putin of Russia. This rare and insightful conversation provided viewers with a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into the mind of one of the world’s most influential leaders.

During the interview, President Putin discussed a wide range of topics, including international relations, global politics, and the challenges faced by Russia in the modern world. With his trademark calm demeanor and thoughtful responses, Putin offered a glimpse into his perspective on various geopolitical issues.

One of the key highlights of the interview was President Putin’s emphasis on the importance of dialogue and cooperation between nations. He stressed the need for open communication and mutual understanding to address global challenges effectively. Putin’s emphasis on diplomacy and peaceful resolutions showcased his commitment to maintaining stability and fostering positive relationships with other countries.

Furthermore, President Putin touched upon Russia’s role in combating terrorism and the ongoing efforts to maintain regional security. He highlighted the importance of international collaboration in addressing this global threat and expressed his willingness to work with other nations to ensure peace and stability.

Tucker Carlson’s interview with President Putin provided a unique opportunity for viewers to gain a deeper understanding of the Russian leader’s perspective on critical issues. The conversation showcased the importance of engaging in open and honest discussions to foster understanding and bridge gaps between nations.

Overall, this exclusive interview served as a reminder of the significance of unbiased journalism in providing the public with valuable insights into the minds of world leaders. Tucker Carlson’s thoughtful questions and President Putin’s candid responses made this interview a significant moment in the realm of global politics.

To Infinity And Beyond: Space Law 101

Here is the announcement from Lawrina – a legal portal aimed to improve free access to U.S. law and build a community around lawyers.
Lawrina’s team, together with Mark J. Sundahl — Professor of Law and the Director of the Global Space Law Center at Cleveland State University, launched an open lecture: “To Infinity And Beyond: Space Law 101”.
When and where: December 7, 2021, 1 pm EST. Online. An hour before the lecture you will receive an email with the link. More details ? https://lnkd.in/eYUSjVBs #team #community #community #legal #lawyers #spacelaw

Professor Sergio Marchisio Joins the IASL Supreme Academic Council (Areopagus)

The International Academy of Space Law (IASL) is extremely happy and honored to announce that Professor Sergio Marchisio has joined the IASL Supreme Academic Council (Areopagus) https://iasl.space/.

Sergio Marchisio is a Professor of Space Law at the Sapienza University of Rome. Professor of International Law at LUISS University. General Counsel of the International Astronautical Federation. Chairman of the European Centre for Space Law at the European Space Agency. Member of the Advisory Council of the European Space Policy Institute.
He chaired the Committee of Governmental Experts for the Space Assets Protocol (2001-2012) and the Commission of the Whole of the Berlin Diplomatic Conference for the adoption of the Protocol.
He is a delegate to the UN COPUOS, where he served as Chairman of the Legal Subcommittee (2004-2006), and a member of the LTS Working Group. Member of the European Union Task Force for an International Code of Conduct on Outer Space Activities, he chaired in 2015 the multilateral negotiations held at the UN in New York. Member of the UN GGE on Outer Space TCBM (2011-2013) and of the UN GGE on Practical Measures for the PAROS (2018-2019). Since 2012, Member of the Specialized Panel of Arbitrators.

SANSA Chief joins the Academy’s International Board of Trustees

International Academy of Space Law (IASL) is proud to announce that Dr. Valanathan Munsami, Chief Executive Officer of the South African National Space Agency (SANSA), has joined the Academy’s International Board of Trustees (Pantheon).

Dr. Munsami holds a Ph.D. in Physics, a Master of Business Leadership, a Space Studies Program Diploma, and a Certificate in International Air, Space, and Telecommunications Law.

He worked in South Africa’s Secretariat for the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, managed the implementation of a suite of bilateral and multilateral science and technology agreements, was involved in the development of South Africa’s National Space Strategy and National Space Policy, and oversaw the establishment of the South African National Space Agency (SANSA).

He led the development of South Africa’s Multi-Wavelength Astronomy Strategy and the SKA Readiness Strategy for Africa and conceptualized the model for the Pan African Space Science University Institute.

He also chaired the African Union Space Working Group, which was tasked with the development of the African Space Policy and Strategy that was approved in January 2016. As of January 2017, he has been appointed as the CEO of SANSA.

He was the Vice President of the International Astronautics Federation, but currently Chairs the IAF Administrative Committee for Developing Countries and Emerging Communities.

He also served on the South African Council for Space Affairs (SACSA) for a number of terms. He is an academician of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) and sits on the Advisory Boards of the Space Generation Advisory Council and the Global Space Congress.

He has published a number of scientific and policy-related journal articles and sits on the Springer Editorial Advisory Board for the Southern Space Studies Series.

He also Chairs the Committee of Heads of Organisations of Research and Technology (COHORT), which comprises 21 science and technology institutions in South Africa.